Exceptional Thermal Performance, Mission-Critical Applications

Aerospace Electronics

Exceptional Thermal Performance, Mission-Critical Applications

Thermal Materials for Aerospace Electronics

The integration of more function into smaller form factors in the aerospace sector is driving the need for highly capable thermal control solutions. Electronics thermal management is critically important in this market – perhaps more so today than ever before. As unmanned vehicles and aircraft and mobile radar systems become more advanced and compact, heat generation increases and effective thermal control is vital to in-operation reliability. As the leading low-risk supplier to top aerospace manufacturers, Henkel’s thermal management products have been enabling applications in this sector for over three decades. Materials solutions include SIL-PAD thermal interface materials that meet tough outgassing and thermal conductivity specifications, GAP PADS that offer a low stress, high conformability TIM option for maximum heat transfer and TCLAD for substrate-level thermal control for the requirements of high powered systems. When reliability is non-negotiable, Henkel thermal materials are on top of every challenge.



  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Clean, mess-free alternative to grease
  • Provides electrical shorting resistance
  • Simplified, clean application
  • Customizable for various applications


Requires no capital investment

Exceptionally simple to use, Henkel’s GAP PAD materials require no up-front capital investment as the pads can be applied quickly and easily by hand.


Manufactured to size, operators simply peel the protective film and place the pad on the desired component.

Customized Sizes

GAP PADS are manufactured in a variety of standard dimensions and thicknesses, but can also be customized for specific application requirements.


Available as custom die cut parts with the ability to individualize thickness and constructions, GAP PADS are always fit for purpose to ensure optimized thermal control no matter what the application.

More GAP PAD Advantages

  • Requires no capital investment
  • Custom sizes
  • Thick bondline

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