For the Coolest, Safest, and most Environmentally-Friendly Ride

Automotive Battery Thermal Management

For the Coolest, Safest, and most Environmentally-Friendly Ride

Electric Vehicles on the Move

Continued advancement of lithium-ion (li-ion) battery technology is making fully battery operated electric vehicles an increasingly more attractive option for today’s automotive consumers. Lighter and more affordable than previous versions, next-generation li-ion batteries are more powerful and reliable than ever before, allowing a longer range between charges and providing drivers with a low emission alternative at a reasonable price point. These new li-ion capabilities have resulted in higher power and energy densities, requiring comprehensive thermal management for reliable, long-term operation and performance. Overheating of the lithium-ion cells could lead to work life degradation or dire safety issues. These realities are why today’s top automotive companies are integrating Henkel’s thermal interface materials throughout the battery structure – from the cell to the module to the battery pack. Our BERGQUIST brand thermal solutions – which include GAP PADs, GAP FILLERs and LIQUI-BOND – are enabling the thermal management required for a cool, safe, energy-efficient journey.

Multiple Materials, One Objective

Broad Portfolio for Optimized Performance

At the core of Henkel’s development efforts for battery thermal management materials is a single driving objective: improved performance. To address the dynamics and strict requirements of new battery design and production, Henkel has engineered an exceptionally broad range of thermal management options. From sheeted products to form-in-place liquid gap fillers to gel-like greases and thermally conductive adhesives, Henkel provides a wide spectrum of formats from which to choose. Likewise, the processing and chemistry options are also broad, with a choice of different cure times, silicone-based and silicone-free chemistries and thermal conductivities.

Optimized for High-Volume Manufacturing

Enhanced Manufacturing Efficiencies

Manufacture of li-ion batteries has quickly moved from incorporating small amounts of thermal materials to using tons of material on a weekly basis. Facilitating this is Henkel’s forte, as we continue to enable more efficient manufacturing with materials that are designed for high-volume operations. Partnerships with leading automated dispensing and placement equipment companies are allowing automation of pad and liquid thermal interface material application; Henkel is improving processing speeds for higher throughput and a more robust bottom line.

Improved Safety through Better Thermal Management

Improved Safety

When it comes to li-ion battery function, keeping the overall system cool is critical to longer system life, less risk of degradation and the elimination of safety issues associated with thermal events. In fact, thermal management is one of the most pressing issues facing today’s electric vehicle battery design engineers. While Henkel’s commercialized battery thermal management materials are already delivering superior performance, new and innovative developments are underway. Coatings that provide dielectric integrity even under vibration in higher temperatures over time; silicone-free materials to protect relays from silicone-related passivation; phase change materials that safeguard against charging spikes to maintain a constant temperature – all of these are active Henkel projects that will be market-ready in the very near future. Thermal control for improved safety is our top priority.

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