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Smart, Connected Appliances

Reliable Modern-Day Convenience

Thermal Materials for Home Appliances

The IoT-enabled connected home is allowing consumers unprecedented levels of control and convenience, especially when it comes to home appliance technology. Checking the refrigerator contents while shopping at the market, starting the washing machine from your car on the way to work and turning off forgotten appliances remotely are all activities made possible by advances in home appliance electronics. And, appliances with increasing function are made more reliable through the use of advanced thermal control materials from Henkel. Our expansive portfolio of thermal management products ensures a solution for just about every application. When the compressor and fan motor on a refrigerator has a thinner gap, for example, and needs electrical isolation from the heat sink, SIL-PAD is the ideal thermal technology. Motor controllers with wider gaps benefit from low assembly stress GAP PAD materials. When automation, material utilization and stress are important considerations, liquid GAP FILLERS fill the void. Smart appliances are driving growth and Henkel’s thermal materials are driving performance and reliability.



  • Clean, mess-free alternative to grease
  • Superior durability as compared to mica
  • Simplified, clean application
  • Under time and pressure, thermal resistance will decrease


Customized Sizes

GAP PADS are manufactured in a variety of standard dimensions and thicknesses, but can also be customized for specific application requirements.


Available as custom die cut parts with the ability to individualize thickness and constructions, GAP PADS are always fit for purpose to ensure optimized thermal control no matter what the application.

More GAP PAD Advantages

  • Custom sizes
  • Thick bondline


Supply Chain Simplification - Icon

Supply Chain Simplification

Liquid, form-in-place GAP FILLERS are adaptable to multiple applications, allowing single part sourcing for a variety of different jobs. Instead of ordering large quantities pads or films – where each variety of size and thickness is a different part number – a single GAP FILLER product can satisfy thermal control requirements for several products. Simply dispense where needed, the material forms in place and thermal control is achieved. One product, many applications.

Automation-enabled High Throughput - Icon

Automation-enabled High Throughput

When speed, high throughput and exceptional thermal control are the challenges, GAP FILLERS are the solution. Applied via automated dispensing systems, GAP FILLERS facilitate high-volume production speeds while sacrificing nothing in the way of thermal management capability. Two-part GAP FILLERS are dispensed quickly, flow in and around even the most delicate circuitry, form in place and compensate for the large tolerances between the heat-generating device and its housing or heat sink counterpart.

More GAP FILLER Advantages

  • Fewer part numbers
  • Supply Chain Simplification
  • Automation-enabled High Throughput
  • Low labour
  • Improves reliability

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