Lighting that takes the Heat

Staying bright and keeping cool

Lighting that takes the Heat

Thermal Materials for Lighting Equipment

The move from halogen and incandescent lighting to LEDs now extends far outside the realm of household use. Today, LEDs are used in consumer, architectural, industrial and automotive applications, just to name a few. Ensuring reliable and effective thermal control is critical to proper lighting function and product longevity. Managing the heat produced from multi-LED automotive headlamps, automating TIM processes for cost-effective consumer lighting and offering numerous material solutions for multi-function lighting fixtures, Henkel’s comprehensive thermal portfolio provides flexibility and performance for modern lighting manufacturers. Henkel has led the way in the lighting sector, first with GAP PADS for consumer lighting products, then with THERMAL CLAD (TCLAD) Insulated Metal Substrates for consumer and industrial products to our latest low volatility liquid GAP FILLER material with low outgassing to avoid lens fogging, which is particularly important in the automotive space. No matter what the lighting challenge, Henkel has you covered.


Customized Sizes

GAP PADS are manufactured in a variety of standard dimensions and thicknesses, but can also be customized for specific application requirements.


Available as custom die cut parts with the ability to individualize thickness and constructions, GAP PADS are always fit for purpose to ensure optimized thermal control no matter what the application.

More GAP PAD Advantages

  • Custom sizes
  • Soft and compliant
  • Compliancy
  • Silicone-free options


Automation-enabled High Throughput - Icon

Automation-enabled High Throughput

When speed, high throughput and exceptional thermal control are the challenges, GAP FILLERS are the solution. Applied via automated dispensing systems, GAP FILLERS facilitate high-volume production speeds while sacrificing nothing in the way of thermal management capability. Two-part GAP FILLERS are dispensed quickly, flow in and around even the most delicate circuitry, form in place and compensate for the large tolerances between the heat-generating device and its housing or heat sink counterpart.

More GAP FILLER Advantages

  • Automation-enabled High Throughput
  • Low labour
  • Improves reliability
  • Low-volatility formulations



  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Clean, mess-free alternative to grease
  • More cost-effective than ceramic
  • Provides electrical shorting resistance
  • Simplified, clean application
  • Customizable for various applications

LED Applications

New LED Solutions Guide Shows How Bergquist Keeps Power LEDs Bright And Reliable. The 6-page, 4-color brochure outlines the advantages of using Thermal Clad and other Bergquist thermal materials in Power LED environments. It not only outlines the standard LED package types, but offers an excellent technical overview of the challenges Power LEDs face today.

Thermal Management for LED Applications brochure

Thermal Management for LED Applications


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