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Medical Electronics

Reliability for what matters most

Thermal Materials for Medical and Instrumentation

The reliability of life-saving medical equipment is vital; monitors, imaging technology, radiology systems and countless other medical technologies have to function properly for successful patient diagnosis and treatment. Effectively and efficiently managing the heat being produced from the electronic components within medical systems is one of the most important factors to ensuring reliability. Henkel’s thermal management materials are the cure. Liquid GAP FILLERS provide low stress, low volatility solutions, which can be important in settings where silicone sensitivity is a concern. Likewise, when pad-based, custom fit materials are preferred, award-winning GAP PADS with low modulus, low stress options provide reliable and effective heat dissipation. These materials are two of numerous thermal control materials within Henkel’s broad portfolio of solutions for modern medical systems.


Requires no capital investment

Exceptionally simple to use, Henkel’s GAP PAD materials require no up-front capital investment as the pads can be applied quickly and easily by hand.


Manufactured to size, operators simply peel the protective film and place the pad on the desired component.

Customized Sizes

GAP PADS are manufactured in a variety of standard dimensions and thicknesses, but can also be customized for specific application requirements.


Available as custom die cut parts with the ability to individualize thickness and constructions, GAP PADS are always fit for purpose to ensure optimized thermal control no matter what the application.

More GAP PAD Advantages

  • Requires no capital investment
  • Custom sizes
  • Low-modulus formulations



  • Fewer part numbers
  • Supply Chain Simplification
  • Automation-enabled High Throughput
  • Minimal Waste
  • Highly conformal (ultra conformability)
  • Improves reliability
  • Low Component Stress
  • Low-volatility formulations



  • Clean, mess-free alternative to grease
  • Superior durability as compared to mica
  • Simplified, clean application
  • Under time and pressure, thermal resistance will decrease

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