Excellent Heat Management for portable Devices

Thermal Materials for Handheld & Tablet

Excellent Heat Management for portable Devices

Thermal Materials for the Mobile Business

More powerful smartphones, tablets and wearables are pushing the limits of power density. The constant drive to pack exponential increases in capability while simultaneously reducing the space in which to house the expanded function is making thermal control among (if not THE) the most pressing primary reliability issues for today’s handheld devices. The reality is that thermal limits aren’t changing; battery, DRAM and die temperature boundaries remain constant even as their power and capability grow, making heat dissipation more difficult. Henkel’s GAP PAD, liquid GAP FILLER and phase change thermal interface materials are providing the solution. Available in several formats – from custom, die-cut, varying-thickness pads to high-volume, high-throughput liquids – and a range of thermal conductivities, Henkel’s award–winning thermal control materials are making modern mobile connectivity possible.


Automation-enabled High Throughput - Icon

Automation-enabled High Throughput

When speed, high throughput and exceptional thermal control are the challenges, GAP FILLERS are the solution. Applied via automated dispensing systems, GAP FILLERS facilitate high-volume production speeds while sacrificing nothing in the way of thermal management capability. Two-part GAP FILLERS are dispensed quickly, flow in and around even the most delicate circuitry, form in place and compensate for the large tolerances between the heat-generating device and its housing or heat sink counterpart.

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Low Component Stress

As compared to thermal pads, liquid thermal interface materials lower overall component stress. Even though pads are soft, the compression applied to the pads once they are placed puts stress on components. GAP FILLERS, on the other hand, require significantly less force to wet out the liquid. These unique materials flow into all of the voids of even the most delicate circuitry and then cure in place to form a solid pad-like structure, which also safeguards against shock, vibration, drop, expansion and mechanical stress.

More GAP FILLER Advantages

  • Fewer part numbers
  • Automation-enabled High Throughput
  • Low labour
  • Total cost of ownership (TcoO)
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Thin Bondlines
  • Improves reliability
  • Low Component Stress
  • Slump-resistant options
  • Low-volatility formulations
  • Reworkability

Phase Change

Why Phase Change?

  • Mess-free alternative to thermal grease; remains solid until specified flow temperature
  • Do not attract contaminants
  • Easy shipping and handling
  • Exceptional thermal performance for CPU reliability
  • Simplified handling; tack-free, tackified and printable formulations
  • Simplified application
  • Reduced Pump out VS grease
  • No protective liner required
  • Inflammability

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