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Across the board and around the globe, Henkel’s electronic materials solutions are unmatched.  Our vast knowledge base, broad product portfolio and state-of-the-art research and development resources guarantee your success. Henkel’s electronics material expertise has resulted in the formulation of the assembly industry’s most advanced underfills, adhesives, solder pastes, encapsulants, PCB protection materials and thermal management solutions. And, that’s just at the board level. Henkel is also the leader in semiconductor die attach pastes and films, package-level underfill materials, novel EMI compartment and package surface shielding formulations, display adhesives and surface treatments, and much more. In over 80 countries, Henkel is your trusted partner for next-generation electronics applications.

LOCTITE Game Changer

LOCTITE Game Changer

The industry’s first and only temperature stable solder pastes, the LOCTITE Game Changers, have transformed the soldering process, offering unmatched levels of performance, flexibility and stability on and off the line.

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Low pressure molding

Low pressure molding

TECHNOMELT low pressure molding materials are the fast, simple and effective solution for encapsulation of electronic devices and complete assemblies.

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