Miniaturization is no match for GAP FILLER 3500LV! Today’s smaller, higher functioning electronics have put new demands on thermal management requirements. With designs becoming increasingly small and intricate, adequate material coverage for effective thermal control is more challenging than ever before. GAP FILLER 3500LV is the solution.


A two-part, liquid-dispensed material, GAP FILLER 3500LV provides high thermal conductivity of 3.5W/m-K and all the mechanical properties of a silicone without the outgassing concerns. Because it’s a liquid, GAP FILLER 3500LV can fill tiny gaps and flow around complex architectures to ensure good thermal transfer and long-term product reliability.

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Benefits of GAP FILLER 3500LV

  • Thermal conductivity of 3.5W/m-K
  • Minimal outgassing characteristic ideal for applications where optics must remain free of lens fogging and for environments where silicone sensitivity is a concern
  • Flexible cure schedule with curing at room temperature or accelerated with the addition of heat
  • Soft after curing for protection from shock and vibration
  • Exceptional void filling for maximum thermal performance
  • Ideal for high-volume manufacturing where automation is a necessity