Don’t sweat the small stuff. With GAP PAD HC 5.0, reduced form factor components with high power density can get the heat out. This unique thermal interface material (TIM) offers high heat transfer across the interface with very low thermal resistance. Thermal conductivity of 5.0W/m-K, high compliance, low compression stress, superb wet-out and easy handling make GAP PAD 5.0 the superior TIM choice for telecom and consumer electronic applications, as well as ASICs, DSPs and thermal modules, among others.

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Benefits of GAP PAD HC 5.0

  • High compliance, low compression stress
  • Improves device performance through lower junction temperatures
  • Ideal for high power density electronics
  • Thermal conductivity of 5.0W/m-K
  • Fiberglass reinforced for shear and tear prevention, easy handling design