Scheugenpflug Company

From the garage to the world market: It all started over 25 years ago in a small, 36 square meter garage in Neustadt/Donau, Germany. Merely equipped with a drawing board and a turning machine company founder Erich Scheugenpflug laid the foundation for Scheugenpflug’s history of success. Since then the company has evolved to a leading provider of precision engineered thermal management, adhesive bonding and dispensing solutions.

With an additional core competency in process automation, the product and technology range extends from cutting-edge material preparation and feeding units and high performance dispensing systems to custom-tailored, modular production lines for a wide range of applications. Scheugenpflug strives for innovation forged by collaborative efforts with a broad network of partners and customers. This desire is reflected in their vision: “We lay the foundation for tomorrow's technologies.”

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